Intelligent Media Display Platform

The NEW state-of-the-art Intelligent Media Display Platform solution is a one-of-a-kind system experience that combines content creation with state-of-the-art displays and server solutions.

I.M.D.P. Flagship Project

The National Museum of Qatar / Alchemy Gallery 10 project was the flagship project which I.M.D.P. system was designed uniquely and tailored with 30 different displays from 86” to 15” sizes. The project was commissioned and in full operation since March 2019.

Early in 2019, Plura and Nice Shoes came together to deploy stunning VFX across 30 displays ranging from 86” to 15″ at the recently launched National Museum of Qatar. The displays almost act as a digital structure, immersing visitors in the story of one of the country’s main exports: Liquid Natural Gas.

PLURA I.M.D.P. Monitor Wall in Qatar Museum

Stunning Visual FX across 30 displays with Monitor Sizes ranging from 86” down to 15”

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