IEEE 1588 PTP Master Generator.


    • IEEE-1588 Server
    • IEEE-1588 Client
    • NTP Server
    • SNMP Agent
    • 2 Front Displays (8 digit LED, and dot-matrix OLED)
    • Double GPS/GLONASS/QZSS Receiver with auto changeover
    • 4 Programmable GPIOs
    • 4 Programmable Front Buttons
    • Built-in Power Supply
    • Ethernet Configuration Port


    • The IEEE-1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Master Generator TSG14P is groundbreaking studio wide real-time synchronization device.
    • A reference time signal is generated and distributed via network with nanosecond accuracy.
    • Majority of additional and circumstantial signal cabling throughout the studio or OB van can be wiped out completely.


    • Real-time reference can either be an external IEEE-1588 server, or the internal GPS/GLONASS/QZSS receiver.
    • When using the built-in receiver, two antennas can be connected simultaneously.          
    • For OB van this is a useful feature. while the roof antenna is fixed mounted and clear line of sight is blocked.
    • Second portable antenna with a long cable can be  connected and aligned in order to ensure a stable reference.          
    • The GPS receiver and the antenna are compatible with GLONASS (Russian satellite system), as well as QZSS (new Japanese satellite system).          
    • The automatic switching unit inside the receiver will always pick the strongest satellite system available.
    • Satellite signal loss and the corresponding loss of the real-time reference will be reduced to a minimum.          
    • The TSG14P can flawlessly be integrated even previous generation gear.          
    • If a video playout device supports LTC only and doesn't support PTP input, a PLURA RUBIDIUM system can be used.          
    • An Ethernet module IE supports PTP reference source and distribute it to the entire range of RUBIDIUM master generator modules.



    • The Ethernet interface connects the TSG14P to LAN/WAN.
    • The browser based configuration menus can be accessed from everywhere inside the network.
    • The same interface can also be used in order to let the system act as an NTP server.
    • Status monitoring, as well as the integration into an SNMP management system are supported.    


    • The TSG14P comes with two displays on the front panel.
    • The 8 digit LED shows the generated real-time and gives the user a direct readings.
    • The dot matrix OLED shows general information, as well as the current functions of the four front keys.
    • These functions can be re-programmed using the configuration menu.
    • With the push of a button complete system profile modification can be accomplished.
    • The system has 4 GPIOs which can freely be programmed for any specific functions.



  • Order Code

    Product Model ID: TSG14P
    Product description: IEEE1588 PTP Grand Master
    Synchronization & Timing Stand Alone Unit


    Product Model ID: TCC14PL
    Product description: PTP to LTC converter
    Synchronization & Timing Stand Alone Unit


    Product Model ID: TCC14PV
    Product description: PTP to VITC converter
    Synchronization & Timing Stand Alone Unit


    Product Model ID: TCC14PD
    Product description: PTP to D-VITC converter
    Synchronization & Timing Stand Alone Unit


    Product Model ID: TCC14PI
    Product description: PTP to IRG-B converter
    Synchronization & Timing Stand Alone Unit

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