SPT - Studio Production Timer.


    • Network-based studio timer distribution
    • Up to six different timers/timezones
    • Utilizing existing Ethernet infrastructure
    • Configuration at any workspace
    • PoE (Power over Ethernet is supported)
    • Reads NTP as the real-time reference
    • The SPT combines the flexibility of a portable remote device and feature set of a large timer generator system.
    • Up to six timers can be generated at the same time.
    • An external NTP server can be set as a real-time reference.          
    • An Ethernet output distributes all timers straight within the network.          
    • All PLURA Ethernet displays can be hooked up at any place within the network
    • All production timers can visible anywhere and when are needed without additional signal cabling.           
    • This adds more mobility and value to the SPT "compact studio production timer".
    • A modern timer distribution couldn‘t be easier.
    • Simple system requires a generator/control unit SPT and at least one Ethernet display from PLURA UD series.
    • The displays can be hooked up to the current studio CAT-5 network infrastructure.
    • All devices can be interconnected using standardized network cables.
    • The IP address of an NTP server can be aligned as a real-time reference using the configuration menu.
    • It doesn’t matter if the server is physically on-site, or if it’s addressed via the internet.
    • The SPT supports PoE out of the box.


    • The following products are available as SPT compatible display devices:


    • UD25E                                  25mm display, 19" 1RU



    • UDD25E                                25mm double display, 19" 1RU   


    • UD25TTE                               25mm display, tabletop housing 


    • UD56E                                   56mm display, 19" 2RU




    • UD56ES                                 56mm display, seconds ring, 19" 2RU




    • UD300E                                  300mm display








    • PoE feature is an OPTION for all UD display devices except UD56ES and UD300E as PoE feature comes standard.
    • If PoE is needed, option UD-PoE has to be ordered additionally with every display except UD56ES and UD300E.          
    • If the existing network switch doesn’t support PoE, you can order PLURA ethernet power injector (PI).

  • Order Code

    Product Model ID: SPT
    Product description: Studio Production Timer Tabletop housing
    Studio Production Timer Stand Alone Unit


    Product Model ID: SPTH1
    Product description Studio Production Timer 1RU 19" Rackmount Housing
    Studio Production Timer Stand Alone Unit


    Options for SPT & SPTH1

    PI PoE, Power Injector
    TCU-EP External power supply
    SPT-R1 Timer Request Protocol (1 client)


    Options for SPTH1

    TCU-DR Second display, 14 mm red
    TCU-DG Second display, 14 mm green
    TCU-DY Second display, 14 mm yellow

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