Ethernet to LTC converter.


    • Converts all SPT/MTDoE timers into LTC
    • Converts NTP into LTC
    • Generates two individual LTC outputs
    • Turns any Multiviewer or TC-display with an LTC input into a timer display
    • PoE is supported
    • Cost effective portable solution
    • The ELC is a distribution amplifier and converter with one ethernet input and two LTC outputs on RJ45 jacks.
    • Both of the outputs have their own drivers and are individually configurable.
    • Each output signal is phase locked and synchronized to the ethernet reference input.
    • NTP time and date are decoded.
    • In the NTP reading mode, each outgoing LTC can be adjusted with a different offset.
    • MTDoE or SPT timers can be converted into independent LTC signals.           
    • Any third-party Time Code displays with LTC input are able to utilized with the MTDoE timer system.           
    • Due to PoE capability, an external power supply isn’t necessary.
    • The power distribution is accomodated by the network switch.
    •  LEDs indicate the operating status.



    • ELC in use with SPT & PLURA clocks and Third Party Multi-viewers and/or clocks.

  • Order Code

    Product Model ID: ELC
    Product description: ethernet to LTC Converter
    Studio Production Timer Adaptor


    Options for ELC

    PI PoE, Power Injector

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