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 Nic Dugger

Owner and President

TNDV: Television


Testing and monitoring multiple video standards is an hourly occurrence on any television production I work on. This is true on the load-in and the day-to-day changes that arise, as I find myself constantly needing to identify and critique signals of all types.
As a truck Engineer-In-Charge (EIC), I need to see and hear multiple standards with a minimal hardware footprint. The Plura Broadcast FTM-043 Field Test Monitor , which we recently installed on our new 40-foot expanding side mobile production truck, Aspiration, provides an all-in-one solution for quickly identifying signals, associated standards and other data embedded on the digital signal — and otherwise.

I live in an HD/SDI world but am still surrounded by legacy composite signals, which can be some of the most difficult to process. From teleprompter feeds to downconversions for a venue television or streaming server, composite video is one of the hardest standards to deal with because we are far less equipped for analog video today. A humbucker or a terminator is a lot harder to come by, and the FTM-043, with its on-board LCD screen for testing and monitoring incoming signals, allows me to visually confirm a possible problem before going through the repair steps.

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A TNDV Aspiration engineer confirms video quality over his Plura monitor




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