A Monitor Display can change over time and thus render the same image differently. Recalibration returns your display to a reference standard for brightness and color consistency. Wide gamut displays may be over-saturated and without calibration even wide-gamut displays may be inaccurate. All Plura monitors are calibrated at the QC stage. All monitors will be issued with calibration report and suggested re-calibration due date prior shipment.


PLURA ICAC (Intelligent Connection for Alignment & Calibration) Freeware Tool was created, engineered and utilized to calibrate multiple color related elements in all Plura monitors automatically using recommended color probes.   

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The Klein K-10 SF Incident CIE Colorimeter Probe is one of the other four probes that been integrated with Plura ICAC tool. It is specifically designed to measure LCD with CCFL or LED back-lit displays including Plura monitors. The K-10 SF is designed to be the best colorimeter in sensitivity, stability and speed. It attaches directly to a PC, and runs with the Plura ICAC tool PC program. K-10 SF's are available with either USB or RS-232

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Used for high-speed, high accuracy measurements of LED-backlit LCD Monitors

Enables high-speed measurements of extremely low luminances down to 0.005cd/m2

Highly Accurate with sensors that virtually match CIE color matching functions

Unique optical system and color display - four digit color display for greater precision.

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Specbos 1201 is one of the smallest VIS spectroradiometers available worldwide. Its easy-to-use software has the full complement of radiometric and colorimetric functions requisite for research, diagnostic, and quality control applications. Several special calculations and features are implemented in the software e.g. the calculation of RGB, PAR and circadian values, pass/ fail functions and a LED Ranker (Ranking of LED's and other light sources).

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Spyder4 makes for a simple, automated & straightforward calibration. Position the color sensor on your display and step through the software. The sensor measures a series of colors on your screen and creates a “profile” to standardize your display. You can compare images before/after calibration. It features a patented, 7-channel sensor capable of calibrating a variety of display types.

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